quality standards

We believe that it is crucial for us to provide our customers with a high quality product- both the print and the garment. 

Your apparel reflects your business to the public- whether it is a promo shirt branded with your logo or slogan or you have a retail brand or even a graphic tee business… if people won’t wear your shirt they won’t buy and it and even if its free it will sit in the bottom of a drawer. The value of our service is that people will want to wear the gear with pride often, and the quality of our printing will assure that message will be shared for a long time.

quality materials

We also believe in protecting our environment & workers from the harshest chemicals and toxins. We use soy and corn based screen maintaining products and reduce and recycle at all levels of our operation.

We source US based materials whenever possible and are proud to offer competitive pricing on some of the best American made garments in the market today.

US Made Supplies/Materials

One Stroke Inks– Family owned & manufactured in Kentucky. Their inks include pvc-free & non-phthalate, soy oil based options.

Franmar Chemical– For 30 years developing natural, safe, and effective products for workers so they don’t have to work around toxic chemicals, their lungs and hands can remain healthy, and their disposal of the end product/waste is much easier on the environment.

French Paper Company– A sixth generation, family-owned, American company established in 1871. Hydroelectric generators installed on-site in 1922 have saved over one million barrels of fossil fuel to date. French was an early pioneer of recycled, 100% post-consumer and other environmentally friendly sheets.

Royal Apparel– Produces 95% of their inventory in the U.S.A. Royal Organic line is fabricated from 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC cotton grown from non-genetically altered seeds and is nourished without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

About Us

Manual Printing

We definitely rely on machines and their power & efficiency but every print pulled at the Arm Factory has a human hand involved. Whether it is a 6 color tee shirt, baby onesie, large format sign, blank canvas for a tote, or paper it involved living & hardworking people and their Arms.

Following a long legacy of Maine craftspeople, Arm Factory has carved out…

Using only manual printing- we take pride in our ability to provide a superior quality, long lasting, durable product. We have the ability to think outside the box due to the lack of limitations imposed by an automated system.

We use traditional techniques- from a relatively new & commercially viable art form.

Garment Ink Options

Plastisol Ink – the most durable ink, it has a subtle rubbery feel. Bright, vivid colors that can be opaque on both light fabrics & dark fabrics (with a flash or underbase).

We use phthalate-free ink formulations & can use soy based/PVC free if requested with a small up-charge.

Water Based Ink – has an extremely soft hand and prints best on light fabrics. More likely to fade to various degrees over time depending on colors, fabric blend and laundering practices.

First wash should always be in cold wash. Subsequent washings are also recommended cold.

Discharge Ink – a water-based ink system, specifically designed for dark garments.

Works only on natural fibers (cotton/hemp/bamboo- best on 100% cotton), blended fabrics will have varied results. Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Red, Purples & some Teal, Turquoise, Navy may have less than optimum results.

Pantone matches may have up to 15% variance in color printed on 100% cotton garments & have no guarantee of accuracy on 50/50, tri-blends or any other hybrid or synthetic fabric.

It is recommended garments printed with discharge inks be washed before wearing. First wash should always be in cold wash.